Solution 3: Future Leaders

A common attribute of sustainably high performing organisations is their commitment to identifying, harnessing and fostering top talent from within. These organisations commit to key talent development both to ensure retention and create future capability.

Our future leaders solutions are fully customisable and are built in consultation with our clients.

We recommend a blended development solution that combines both a behavioural and competency focus over a 12-18 month period.

The initial 2 day retreat is focused on building self awareness thereby enhancing the ability to influence others. We recommend the following content:

  • Awareness and understanding of the DISC behavioural model
  • Improved self-awareness (DISC)
  • Improved awareness of others (DISC)
  • Appreciating the mindset of a leader
  • Improving communications effectiveness NLP/VAK
  • Awareness of the attributes of effective leaders & managers
  • Understanding the Situational Leadership model
  • Applying situational leadership – experiential learning
  • Awareness of the influencing strategies of leaders
  • Applying situational leadership – experiential learning
  • Challenges of transitioning into a management role – from peer to manager
  • Awareness of leadership expectations
  • Self assessment of Management as a career path
  • Applications/Selection
  • Initial Retreat (Behavioural Focus)
  • Competency Development through structured learning
  • Competency Development through workplace coaching with Manager
  • Return Retreat
  • Workplace Project
  • Presentations & Graduation

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