Solution 1: High Performance Leadership Teams

What They Look Like

High performance leadership teams have a desire to challenge themselves, to constantly learn and grow. They seek a level of performance that can only be achieved by working together, where no one person or idea triumphs, but rather the strengths of all members combine to create outcomes and decisions that would otherwise be out of reach. They seek and embrace diversity, then use this to their advantage. They have clarity of and commitment to the purpose, responsibility, measures of success and behaviours required to attain a high performance state. Members unite behind a shared strategy and plan and work constructively to achieve their goals.

Why Every Organisation Needs Them

Constructive leadership teams consistently show higher levels of employee engagement, lower levels of attrition, higher levels of discretionary effort and higher levels of sustainable performance. Constructive leadership teams build constructive organisations which position themselves as employers of choice not only for existing employees but also for future employees. They are typically regarded as providing excellence in service delivery with a high to very high level of customer satisfaction.

How To Create A High Performance Leadership Team

Creating high performance leadership teams and impacting organisation culture seems like a daunting endeavour, however by working in partnership with Sork HC, the journey is broken down into achievable milestones and is driven predominantly through developing leadership team and individual leader behaviour.

Sork HC has a proven track record in working with leadership teams to achieve cultural enhancement or transformation through leadership development.

A Blended Learning Methodology

We recommend the ‘LCEP’ model of leadership development. This model ensures understanding, measurement and control of the impact of leadership behaviour on climate, employee engagement & performance.

Recognising that no two leaders start from exactly the same place and people within leadership teams have individual development needs that differ from those around them, we have developed a blended learning model. Our model is simple, adaptable and meets the needs of both the leadership team and the individual leader.

Our recommended solution is designed to build awareness and acceptance in order to take targeted action to achieve the profile and impact that is desired by the leadership team. We work in partnership with individual leaders and the leadership team throughout annual cycles to ensure progression towards the desired state.

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