“Our purpose is to enhance the cultures and sustainable performance of organisations through developing the effectiveness and behavioural impact of all leaders”

Sork HC was founded in 2007 by Co-Directors Anthony Sork and Selina Sork and deliver services throughout Australasia. Sork HC was established with the purpose of supporting organisations to enhance or transform their culture’s through developing leadership capability, effectiveness and behavioural impact across all levels of an organisation.

With extensive business experience at senior levels, Selina and Anthony hold qualifications in psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics and human resources. They are accredited and capable of supporting organisations to use a wide range of diagnostic instruments to support services ranging from individual coaching through to full organisations culture transformation programs.

Anthony and Selina are regarded widely as industry leading experts in their field. They have worked across all industries with organisations ranging from regional and agricultural to urban and suburban, from small family owned through to large multinationals. Sork HC works with organisations from both the public, private and not for profit sectors.

Sork HC are the owners and global distributors of the Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI), Employee Connection Inventory (ECI) and Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI) on the shcBOND platform. Our instruments are globally recognised and internationally patented. Through our global practitioner network, leading organisations across the world use the EAI, ECI and EDI to support increased retention, performance and contribution of new, existing and transitioning employees. All of our instruments are designed for individual reporting as well as sophisticated structural, job family and demographic trend reporting. Please use this link to visit the dedicated shcBOND site to learn more about Employee Attachment, Connection and Detachment and to conduct a complimentary trial of our instruments in your organisation.