“Our purpose is to enhance the cultures and sustainable performance of organisations through developing the effectiveness and behavioural impact of all leaders”

Organisation Culture Transformation Strategy

Organisation Culture has become recognised as one of, if not the most important contributing factors impacting sustained organisation performance. As famously stated by business management and leadership expert Peter Drucker “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. An organisations ability to execute on its strategy certainly depends on its culture. However an organisation should also ensure they include “organisation culture” as part of their strategic thinking and planning.

Many organisations struggle to describe their culture, let alone identify what culture they aspire to build. Sork HC are experts in supporting organisations to understand their current culture, the benefits and risks associated with different organisation cultures, how culture impacts organisation performance and how to enhance or transform to the culture they aspire to.

Our expert consultants work with both Boards and Executive teams to help them develop their understanding of and commitment to organisation culture.

Behavioural Impact – Board/Executive/Senior/Operational Leaders

Sork HC are experts in leadership behaviour. Leaders exist at all levels of organisations, from owners and directors through to operational front line leaders. Most organisations concentrate on developing and measuring leadership competency – “can they do the job”. However it is Leadership behaviour – “how they do the job” which differentiates leadership impact on sustainable performance across teams and organisations.

Sork HC work both with individual leaders and with leadership teams to help them understand their behavioural impact, identify their desired impact and support them to achieve that desired impact. Leadership behaviour directly impacts:

  • leadership team climate and performance
  • reporting team climate and performance
  • organisation culture
  • employee engagement
  • discretionary effort
  • organisation performance

Our consultants and coaches are accredited to use a broad range of instruments to underpin leadership development. We work with leaders across all types of organisations.

Emerging Leader Development & Behavioural Impact Coaching

Sork HC support our clients to develop leadership potential at all levels of an organisation. From emerging leaders who show early potential and interest in leading others, to managers and senior managers who find themselves in positions of responsibility for people without ever having received leadership development support.

Organisations who seek to identify and develop leaders across all levels of their organisation, experience higher levels of engagement and retention of talent. They also achieve higher levels of succession and internal promotion together with lower organisation recruitment costs. Investing in Emerging Leaders also fast-track’s the ability to cascade constructive behaviours to operational levels of an organisation thereby accelerating culture enhancement or culture transformation initiatives.

Sork HC works with our clients to design and implement group leadership development solutions as well as provide individual coaching support.

Retention & Performance – Attachment, Connection & Detachment

Sork HC are the owners and global distributors of the Employee Attachment Inventory (EAI), Employee Connection Inventory (ECI) and Employee Detachment Inventory (EDI) on the shcBOND platform. Our instruments are globally recognised and internationally patented. Through our global practitioner network, leading organisations across the world use the EAI, ECI and EDI to support increased retention, performance and contribution of new, existing and transitioning employees. All of our instruments are designed for individual reporting as well as sophisticated structural, job family and demographic trend reporting. Please use this link to visit the dedicated shcBOND site to learn more about Employee Attachment, Connection and Detachment and to conduct a complimentary trial of our instruments in your organisation.