Employee Attachment

The way a manager influences the perceptions of a new employee during the Critical Attachment Period (CAP) impacts the level of Attachment achieved and the resulting impact on the “Risk of Attrition” and “Discretionary Effort & Performance”.

The CAP for a new employee is the first 120 days of employment and includes the phases of Attraction, Recruitment, Pre-Employment and Induction. Most employees who leave within the first 18 months are often labeled by their managers as unsuitable or unavoidably lost. Most of the time this is not the case. Usually this has occurred because of either poor recruitment or poor Attachment.
Too many organisations have lost both talent and money because they have failed to understand the Employee Attachment Phenomenon and manage the Critical Attachment Period effectively. Our unique business tool empowers managers and organisations to understand, manage and take targeted action to ensure they are achieving high levels of Attachment from their new employees. By using this unique business tool your organisation will ensure you don’t loose people for the wrong reasons.

You will enhance new employee performance through achieving increased discretionary effort. The cost of Attracting, Recruiting, Inducting and On-Boarding a new employee is in excess of $100,000 in

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